Baby Booger Cleaner

Baby Booger Cleaner

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Baby Booger Cleaner ...


Baby Booger Cleaner

    • Provides immediate relief to fussy little one.

    • Gently clears baby's nasal so they can breathe easy.

    • The Baby Booger Cleaner is a must-have, parent favorite.

    • Rated #1 nasal cleaner, top rated for safety.

    • Baby will breathe smoothly, sleep soundly.

    • No tears, only giggles.

    • Designed for one-handed use.

    • Perfect for new parents.

    • Multiple gentle suction levels.... tiny boogs, little boogs, big boogs, bigger boogs and the biggest boogers of all.

    • Get rid of congestion so baby sleeps comfortably through the night.

    • Parents sleep well knowing baby is sleeping soundly.

    • Fits baby's nose so comfortably.

    • Smart, safe, soft and effective solution to baby's stuffy nose.

    • Gentle on baby's delicate nose.

    • Streamline design, comfortable to hold, easy to use, easy to clean.

    • Parents love it, babies love it.

    • Rated #1 by parents, and babies, everywhere.

    • Loved by pediatricians and parents alike.

    • Happy babies everywhere.

    • Benefits of the Baby Booger Cleaner featured in: