BabyBelly Band

BabyBelly Band

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BabyBelly Band ...


You Just Had A Beautiful Baby! Now It's Time To Say Goodbye To Your Baby Bulge!

Your body just went through months of amazing changes and now it's time for you to recover!

BabyBelly flattens your belly and redefines your waistline while you enjoy being a new mom!

     🌸 Controls stretch marks         
     🌸 Tightens sagging skin           
     🌸 Accelerates healing process
      🌸 Relieves back & pelvis pain   

Spend your precious time snuggling with your baby and less time worrying about your body.

Unlike other bands, BabyBelly shrinks and supports your belly, waist, and hips all at the same time!

The soft breathable cotton makes it safe to use right after pregnancy and comfortable enough to wear daily.

In just a few weeks
 you'll see results and slim back to the size you desire! 

Spend more time with your beautiful baby and not stuck at the gym!

Wear it under everyday clothing and let it
transform your body from the comfort of home.   

With all the extra support, you will strengthen core muscles, tighten belly skin and get a fit and healthy body to feel best after pregnancy.

Don't wait, order yours now, and get fast results!

 Band Size To Order             Pre-Baby Pant Size 
  SM                                       US 6-8
     MED                                    US 10-12
     LG                                       US 13-15
  XL                                        US 16+