Keep Your Best Friend Safe & Snug While You're Out 

Separation Anxiety Can Lead
To An Unhealthy Cat.

Treat Your Cat To The Calming Bed That Soothes

CatSuite Calming Bed
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Instantly relieves your cat's stress. Provides extra comfort.

Hooded bed pampers your cat for restful sleep, improved behavior & better health.

Reduces bad habits caused by daily separation anxiety.

Have peace of mind when you leave your cat home alone.

Add this bed to your cat's routine.  Watch their mood & behavior quickly improve! 

The #1 bed...according to cats!
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~Why It's The Best Selling~

  • Canopy cover for maximum sense of security.

  • Raised rim supports muscle & joint pain in senior cats.

  • Long plush faux-fur mimics mother's coat.

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