Pregnancy SeatBelt

Pregnancy SeatBelt

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Pregnancy SeatBelt ...


Are You Or A Loved One Pregnant?  Keep Yourself & Your Baby Comfortable & Safe While Driving! Avoid the risks of harming your baby belly while driving
Having the proper seat belt in your car during pregnancy is extremely important.
Using a regular seat belt while you're pregnant can be uncomfortable and could be unhealthy for the baby.  It could be harmful to you and your baby if the seat belt is not positioned right.
The Pregnancy SeatBelt can be easily attached to a car seat to keep both mother & baby comfortable without any compromise to road safety.  It fits car seats and mothers of all shapes and sizes.
Perfect for recovery time as well.  Feel confident that you're allowing time for your body to heal properly. 
The way you put your seatbelt on matters!


While driving in your car, it is important that the seat belt is properly fastened in order to avoid injuring yourself or baby.