Keep Your Baby Sleeping Through The Night

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Transitioning From A Swaddle
Has Never Been Easier.

Keep your baby feeling snug, secure and comfortable. 

Babies fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer inside this soft & cozy sleepsack.

Imagine Your Baby Getting Their Best Sleep Ever!
The ultimate go-to sleepsack loved by moms and babies everywhere!

The only sleepsack that changes along with your little one's growth and sleep style.

💫With The Arm Caps On💫
Little ones feel extra snug, less likely to startle themselves awake.

💫Zip The Arm Caps Off💫
Enjoy the smile on your baby's face when they learn to roll over and can safely use their hands!

A sleepsack shaped for natural arms-up sleeping position.

Encourages self-soothing behavior for your baby's best independent sleeping habits! 

The sleepsack design gives your baby the perfect space to move their hips and legs freely and safely! 

💫Zip On The Long Sleeves💫 

For cooler nights or for little ones that need extra coverage!

The details that make this the absolute best sleepsack for your baby, and for you!

💫 💫 💫 💫 💫

The soft zipper cover keeps baby free of scratches.  No more rough and noisy velcro!

Two-way zippers make
diaper changes quick and bedtime so easy!

 Exhausted in the middle of the night?
The simple design makes it so easy, you won't wake your sleeping angel! 

"She fell asleep fast and stayed asleep for hours!" - Lindsey

We're 100% confident with our SleepSack.  We’ll give you full refund if you are not satisfied.*

*Please take a close look at our Return Policy.

Sweet Dreams SleepSack will be your favorite for many nights to come!