Snuggle Me Baby

Snuggle Me Baby

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Snuggle Me Baby ...


The #1 Rated Portable Infant Bed Snuggles Your Baby For The Perfect Nap or Playtime!
"This was the absolute best baby shower gift I received!" - Ashley

Calming Hugging Sensation
Super soft, cozy and ergonomically designed to cuddle your baby like a warm hug.

Lightweight & Portable
Headed to Grandma's?  Easy to pack, carry and travel with so you're prepared for peaceful naps WHEREVER you go.

Gentle Support
Feel confident knowing your baby is getting back and leg support while they play.  Comfy pillow raises baby's legs to relieve digestion discomfort.

Anti-Rolling Pillow
Is your little one a wiggle-worm?  Snuggle Me infant bed keeps your baby in place so they're less likely to startle and will sleep longer!

Thoughtfully Designed
Pediatrician designed headrest distributes pressure evenly on your baby's head and neck.  Soft, breathable fabric is machine washable for easy clean up.

As your baby grows, Snuggle Me grows with them!  Adjustable velcro pillow provides endless options.

"Snuggle Me Baby is a true hit. It's my baby's favorite spot when she's not in my arms." - Samantha

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